American 4/4 2013 CodaBow Diamond NX Cello Bow
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This full size cello bow for sale is a lovely 2013 Diamond NX by CodaBowThe Diamond NX Cello Bow, like all CodaBow bows, was made in the United States.  It is made of a woven kevlar carbon fiber and is almost indestructible.  The round stick has a brown tint to it.  The frog is ebony with a nickel mounting.  This bow is a medium level bow, but it handles well beyond its price.  The NX draws a big, full, and rich sound out of the cello, and it handles a variety of bow strokes well.  This bow is brand new from the factory; it has no flaws or blemishes.  The stick is strong and the camber is good. 

At $495.00, this NX bow would be a good match as a primary bow for an advancing cellist or as a second bow for an advanced cellist.

  • Item #: DNC
  • Condition: New

American 4/4 2013 CodaBow Diamond NX Cello Bow

Price: $495.00
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