Images of the Matrix bow, by JonPaul Bows. It is a full size violin bow with a silver mounting and a woven carbon fiber stick.
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This nice American bow for sale is made by JonPaul Bows.  The Matrix Violin Bow was made in 2012 of woven carbon fiber, an upgrade to regular carbon fiber in both strength and playability.  This bow is silver mounted with an ebony frog and is a top of the line bow for JonPaul Bows.  The woven carbon fiber allows the bow to handle well; the Matrix's camber is good.  The Matrix draws out a smooth, even tone. 

For $395.00, the Matrix would be a good bow for the advancing high school student.

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  • Condition: New

American 4/4 2012 JonPaul Bows "The Matrix" Carbon Violin Bow

Price: $395.00
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