Images of the full size "Prodigy" violin bow by CodaBow. The images show the braided carbon fiber stick, the Prodigy stamp above the frog and the ebony frog itself.
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This intermediate level American-made full-size Prodigy Violin Bow for sale was manufactured by CodaBow in 2013.  The Prodigy bow is made from CodaBow's innovative braided carbon fiber, which makes this bow stronger and more playable than a regular carbon fiber bow.  The violin Prodigy handles well in a variety of bowing strokes; the good camber is guaranteed by the make of the bow.  As the Prodigy violin bow is new, it has no signs of wear and no warping. 

For $315.00, the Prodigy is well suited to the advancing student who likes the feel of a good carbon fiber bow.

  • Item #: PCB
  • Condition: New

American 4/4 2011 CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow

Price: $315.00
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