American 4/4 2010 CodaBow Diamond SX Cello Bow
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This nice, full-size cello bow for sale was American made by the CodaBow shop in 2010.  The Diamond SX Cello Bow model is made of a fine black woven carbon fiber and is an advanced-intermediate grade bow.  Many people like CodaBow because CodaBow's woven carbon fiber technology is superior to regular carbon fiber technology in both strength and playability of the bow.  The Diamond SX bow handles very well and plays at the level of a substantially more expensive pernambuco bow, plus the carbon fiber makes it nearly unbreakable.  This cello bow is new from the CodaBow shop and in perfect condition. 

For $685.00, the Diamond SX cello bow will be a perfect bow for the advancing cellist or the advanced cellist who desires a second bow.

  • Item #: DSX
  • Condition: New

American 4/4 2010 CodaBow Diamond SX Cello Bow

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