Images of a full size brazilwood bow by JonPaul bows. The bow is new and in excellent playability.
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This full size American - made violin bow for sale comes from JonPaul Bows and was made in 2009This is a JonPaul Brazilwood Violin Bow, and it has a nice round stick with fitted ebony frog.  While it is clearly a beginner bow, this bow is a substantial upgrade from a fiberglass or beginner rental bow in terms of handling and playability.  It is a good value bow, as many fiberglass bows are similarly priced.  This JonPaul is a new bow, and in excellent condition; it has no faults from production. 

For $75.00, this beginner level bow would be a good choice for an aspiring violinist.

  • Item #: JBB
  • Condition: New

American 4/4 2009 JonPaul Bows Brazilwood Violin Bow

Price: $75.00
Availability: Sold
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