American 4/4 1927 Edward L. Goss Violin
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This nice full size violin for sale was handmade by Edward Goss in Waterloo, Iowa in 1927.  Mr. Goss was highly respected as both a violinist and as a luthier.  This particular violin is the 22nd violin of approximately 50 that Mr. Goss made.  As with all his instruments, this violin is a Cremonese style instrument.  The wood and varnish are fine on this instrument; Goss prided himself on obtaining the highest quality of varnish for his instruments.  The back is nicely flamed.  This Edward Goss Violin has no significant repairs, although it has some minor signs of age and wear.  The sound is moderately bright and projects quite well.  The label reads "E.L. Goss".  It would be well suited to a serious and advancing high school student.

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American 4/4 1927 Edward L. Goss Violin

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