American 4/4 1917 Robert Glier Jr Violin
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This fine full size violin for sale was made by Robert Glier Jr.  Glier Jr was the son of the famous Robert Glier of Wurlitzer.  This particular Robert Glier Jr Violin was made in Cincinati, OH in 1917.  It has a nice, tight grain on the top and the flame on the back is good.  The Glier Jr is well carved.  The violin has a good sound that is warm and bright; its sound is reminiscent of a Markneukirchen violin.  The violin has one crack that is near, but not over, the soundpost.  It is quite secure, but we have lowered the price on this instrument as a result. 

At $2200.00, this Glier Jr would be a very good deal and a nice violin for an advancing high school student.

  • Item #: RGWV
  • Condition: Used

American 4/4 1917 Robert Glier Jr Violin

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