American 4/4 1914 Handmade P.B. Wessel Violin
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This handmade full size Wessel Violin for sale is quite unique.  It was hand crafted by P.B. Wessel, a maker from Bethel, MN about whom very little is known. This violin was made in 1914.  It has a decent varnish and nicely flamed back.  The Wessel is not a copy of a famous maker, so it has its own unusual style.  The tone on this instrument is less bright than many German violins, yet it is still sweet and pleasant to the ear.  It has absolutely no cracks or repairs and the varnish is blemish free, making this an instrument that is in excellent shape and very pretty as well. 

For $2700.00, this Wessel violin will play nicely for the advancing high school player.

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American 4/4 1914 Handmade P.B. Wessel Violin

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