4/4 1924 Carl Fischer Modern Cremona The Professional Violin
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This attractive full size violin available for sale was made in Germany for the Carl Fischer company in NY in 1924.  It is The Professional Modern Cremona Violin model, and it looks like a Markneukirchen factory product.  The Carl Fischer company is known primarily for selling sheet music, but they also sold fine instruments back in the early 1900's.  This violin is a good example of a higher quality factory instrument.  It has a nicely flamed two-piece back and good construction on the inside.  The varnish is a shaded red-brown with golden undertones.  The Fischer is brighter sounding but it rings full and long.  The instrument does have some insignificant top crack repairs that are nearly impossible to see.  Otherwise this instrument is in excellent condition.  

For $3200.00, this Carl Fischer instrument would be well suited to an advancing high school student.

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  • Condition: Used

4/4 1924 Carl Fischer Modern Cremona The Professional Violin

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