3/4 Violin

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Images of a 3/4 German violin made in a factory around 1940. Images show that violin has a typical look for 1940 as there is no label in this violin. Different images of a 1940 Bohemian made small size violin. Violin is has a nice back.
German 3/4 1940 Violin Bohemian 3/4 1940 Violin

German 3/4 Violin made c 1940 with no given maker.  Moderately old instrument with no repair history.

Bohemian- made 3/4 violin made c 1940.  Maker is anonymous.  Violin is in excellent shape with no history of flaws or problems.



Images of a 1923 3/4 Neuner and Hornsteiner violin. Images of the front, back, scroll, and label show that the violin was kept up extremely well and is in great condition. Label shows German origin Images of a 3/4 Karl (Carl) Hofner violin made just before World War II. Violin is in excellent condition with no repairs.
German 3/4 1923 Neuner and Hornsteiner ViolinGerman 3/4 1930 Karl (Carl) Hofner Violin

German 3/4 violin made by Neuner and Hornsteiner in 1923.  Violin was kept up superbly.

German 3/4 violin make by Karl Hofner pre WWII.  Violin has been well maintained and is ready to be played.



Images of an early Neuner and Hornsteiner 3/4 violin. This violin was made around 1880 and is a very nice example of their violins. The varnish and craftsmanship are highlighted in these images. Images of a very nice 3/4 violin that was made in Germany in 1914 and imported into the U.S. through the Chicago based importers, Lyon and Healy. The violin is in lovely condition as evidenced by the images.
German 3/4 1880 Neuner and Hornsteiner Early ViolinFrench 3/4 1914 Lyon and Healy #1028 Violin

German 3/4 violin made by Neuner and Hornsteiner c 1880.  Violin has excellent sound and craftsmanship and only one minor repair.

French 3/4 violin made in 1914 to be imported to Chicago by Lyon and Healy.  Violin has one insignificant repair only.



Images of a 3/4 Ernst Reinhold Schmidt (E.R. Schmidt) violin around 1900. Label image shows signature of E.R. Schmidt himself, indicating this violin to be of the highest quality. Images of a lovely 3/4 German violin made around 1890 with a lovely oil varnish. No label image is included as violin bears no label.
German 3/4 1900 Ernst Reinhold Schmidt Signed Violin German 3/4 1890 Hand Carved/ Oil Varnished Violin

German 3/4 strad copy violin made by E.R Schmidt and Company c 1900.  Violin was well kept and has had only a couple minor repairs.

Fine German 3/4 violin made c 1890 with no label.  Oil varnish.  No flaws with violin aside from standard wear.



Images of a 3/4 violin made by Franz Schubert. This little violin is hand-carved and has a lovely brown varnish.
German 3/4 1920 Franz Schubert Handmade Violin

German 3/4 violin made by Franz Schubert c 1920.  Violin is handcarved and lovely; minor repairs only.


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